Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Super Car: The Electric Tesla Breaks All The Crash Test Records

Elite Chicago Limousine Writes – August 26 2013 

Recently Tesla Sedan Model S went through the standard crash tests that were assigned by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. The vehicle had several usual analysis performed which included the front, pole, side, and rollover crash tests. The tests imitate the real accidents that can occur in the road. The results outshone every other car in each category: Tesla passed all the tests with flying colors.

As a matter of fact, when testing its roof bending properties the machine, which was performing the test broke down. The applied pressure was so great it exceeded 4-GS pressure to the top of the vehicle. This equals four more Tesla S sedans stacked on top of it.

The new Tesla Model S has a big potential to become a new limousine. The option of it replacing the Lincoln Town Car is still not dismissed. The only question is how efficient if will be with its charging times and the number of miles. Chicago limo companies discussed Tesla as a limo previously: Being a progressive city, Chicago may have Tesla as its’ next generation limousine next to the Lincoln MKT.

The reason why the sedan is so resistant to the crashes is that the new lithium battery engine is much smaller. It saves space in the front compartment, therefore allowing the builders to add additional reinforcements to the vehicles body. That is why new Tesla is considered among the limo coach builders as the next possible limousine option.

Tesla scored astounding 5.4 total star rating, beating all other sedans in the same category. It is a record high combination score among sedans. Tesla’s engine also passed leaking and combustion inspections. The question now is how durable is the battery and is it enough for stretch limousines? The answer will be clear only after several years of heavy use, when all the inherited issues will start to show.

If the battery proves itself sufficient to carry stretch limo load, the fuel surcharges and hassles will become the thing of the past.


Wednesday, May 1, 2013

LA Airport Limo Driver Gets a Surprise Celebrity Passenger as Confused Anne Hathaway Gets into the Wrong Limousine

Travel is no easy job, especially when there is jet lag or when the flight is extremely long. Even the toughest travelers can get a little bit confused as they exit Nations biggest airports. Just think about Chicago O’Hare, Los Angeles International Airport or Hartsfield Jackson Atlanta International Airport! These are the busiest and most confusing airports in US! No wonder dozens of tourists and flyers get lost inside these airports. Oscar winning actress Anne Hathaway is no exception.

The actress got lost inside LA airport on Sunday trying to find her way out. Upon exiting the Arrivals section, Anne jumped inside another person’s limousine. The driver must have been very surprised when he saw a world known celebrity in his limousine! The driver almost took her for his own client and almost took her to the wrong destination.

The 31-year old Anne had little to no luggage: she was carrying a large messenger bag and some takeout food with a cell phone in her other hand. Hathaway looked excited about her arrival to LA as she was exiting the airport. Devil wears Prada star kept good attitude throughout the whole occurrence, and quickly grabbed her belongings as she walked to find her true driver. The incident was minor, however the crowd and paparazzi managed to capture it.

Anne is currently working on landing her next big role. She is flying from west coast to the east coast and Chicago several times a month. Currently, she is thinking of turning into Broadway, to take a little break from Hollywood. There are even some gossips that she might be playing a role are a musical revival of a Cabaret, but her managerial camp declined these rumors to be incorrect.

However, it is in her best interest to land a role that requires singing since she received extensive vocal training when preparing for her Fantine role in Les Miserables. In any case, it was a pleasant surprise for the SUV limo driver when Hathaway jumped into his chauffeured limousine and got ready to speed off.

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Monday, October 22, 2012

Russia Plans to Jump Start Iconic ZIL Limousine

The Zil limousine was originally built for transporting important Soviet figures in the parades and political showings. Now, modern day Russian politicians intend to bring the iconic limo back to life. ZIL overview provided by Chicago Limo service blog.

ZIL Limousine
The Lincoln Town Car, the beloved Chicago limo service car may soon have a strong competitor. ZIL, the maker of the giant limousines for historic soviet icons, plans on reviving the manufacturing of the ZIL limos for modern day Russian leaders. The new model is called ZIL 4112-R and is approved by the Russian government.

The ambitious plans are inspired by the images of the parades for the presidents, such as Stalin, Brezhnev, Gorbachev or Andropov. Not only ZIL was specializing in limousine, it was also manufacturing all the trucks for the Red army.

The ZIL limousines were discontinued back in 2002, ending the history of the stereotypical soviet leader limo. However, the company is trying to revoke the ZIL limo with a support of modern Russia leaders. Maybe the inspiration is gained from the retro 80 craze?

ZIL 4112-R is a 6-door Limo
ZIL will have a lot of competition: there are more developed limousine models from all around the world. It will be hard to keep up with the models that have been in production for years. Of course, Russian leaders will prefer only the locally manufactured ZIL over foreign imported cars. And what about other countries? Most likely Chicago limo service operators will not be exchanging Lincoln Town Car to the ZIL. Or maybe?

Real Wood Elements in the Interior
The 4112-R model combines the exterior of the Cold-War era ZIL limousines with improved mechanics and more interior features. The car offers 400 horsepower with maximum speed of 120mph. The weight of this beauty is 7,700 pounds and it seats 6 passengers comfortably: 4 passengers in the back in the two rows of face-to-face features as well as two in the front: a chauffeur and a bodyguard. The passengers in the rear can enjoy a fully luxurious limo ride: leather seats, real wood tray tables,  vents and lighting. There is also a mini bar with a built in champagne coolers and privacy curtains.

A Convertible Version of the ZIL limousine
The Zil manufacturer claims the limo has its distinct purpose - it will be used exclusively as the Russian government fleet - just like here in Chicago the government cruises around in Cadillac limousines. It could be a good sign for the country to finally put their signature on the vehicle industry and make the manufacturing local.

Thursday, March 22, 2012

How to plan a perfect Chicago Limo experience?

How to plan a perfect Chicago Limo experience?

As summer approaches and the days getting hotter in Chicago, so does the unquenchable thirst for everyone to truly enjoy themselves. A popular way to do so is to rent a Chicago Limo with your friends and have a Summer time blast. Of course, like all group events, renting a Chicago Limousine service is a bit time-consuming and takes a bit of preparation to ensure that you enjoy your limo ride to the fullest.
Chicago Limo
The number one concern for everyone when renting a limousine is that on the day of the event the limousine will show up clean and hopefully of a newer model. To make sure that is the case, when looking into Chicago Limo Service companies, always inquire if you could see the limousine beforehand. Many of the upscale Chicago Limo dispatchers will gladly offer you to come and check out their prized fleets. After all, they truly have nothing to hide! However, a big red flag is when a limousine company tries to dodge your request with lame excuses such as "the limo is never available", regardless of the time you ask to see it at. Well, our advice is to stay away from limos like that!

Chicago Limo
Chicago Limo Service
It is a good rule that if you like the limo during the showcase, you will most likely be satisfied during your actual trip. In cases where you want the limousine for your wedding or have a special event where you are striving to reach professionalism and perfection, you could even request to meet the driver. In cases like that, the majority of the Chicago Limo Services will tell you that it is difficult to arrange. And while they may have their good reasons, you should at least get an assurance from the service representative that the limo driver is experienced.

The last thing that you should do when reserving a lime for the busy summer fling is to do so at your earliest convenience. Chicago Limo is a popular summer activity and the best deals as well as cars will fly right before your nose if you don't act as soon as possible. There are only so many unique, cool, and newly built limousines in Chicago, and you have to make sure that you get the best one for yourself!

Happy Chicago Limo booking for 2012! - Chicago's Favorite and most trusted Limousine Service!

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Thursday, January 19, 2012

Detroit Auto Show 2012: A Surprise from Chrysler

Detroit has been hosting the North American International Auto Show since 19 hundreds. Once again, the Auto Show comes to Detroit this January. The auto show is famous for bringing the new future car concepts for the mass public and drawing the concept picture for the automotive future.

Despite trying to surprise the public with new car concepts, most of the car manufacturers leak the concepts to the public way before the actual showcase takes place. Not the Chrysler. Chrysler surprised media and the public with a new mini van concept, Chrysler 700C, which was premiered at the Detroit auto show last Monday.

The Concept primary build as a designing exercise for the companies artists, the 700C has no future production plans. However, Chrysler expects a feedback from the auto show goers how they like the car. The feedback most likely will determine the future of the car.

Even though the car is not projected for the future development, we like the jelly bean for its new original ideas: the blended door handles, the front windows and the overall look. Maybe the new Chrysler can light on the future of Chicago Limo Services, since we lost the precious Town Car.

Written by Elite Chicago Limo, Chicago's best limo service provider - only fresh news!

Friday, September 2, 2011

Party Bus vs Limo Bus

Sometimes our customers ask us what is the difference between a Limo Bus and a Party Bus. This question comes naturally when shopping around for Chicago limo services. The true is, “Limo Bus” and “Party Bus” means absolutely the same. It is just a matter of which name you prefer to use. If you are afraid you will get a “row seats” bus, always ask your operator if your bus is not a shuttle bus. Here, at Elite Chicago Limo, we only provide Limo-Party bus service.

How to Avoid Scams

Sometimes, other Chicago limo operators try to pass a regular bus for a limo bus. That is why we encourage to always check out the vehicle before the event. Then, you will know exactly what you are getting and paying for. So be careful and watch out for scams.

Quick info on a Limo Bus:

A Limo Bus can accommodate 25-30 passengers comfortably
Luggage Capacity: 8 or more peaces of luggage in the rear storage or the Bus
Rate per hour for regular charters: $145 - $240
Rate for Chicago wedding limo with a bus: $165 - $225

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Chicago Limo Service Chauffeur Dress Code

Limo service is a higher class transportation that is why Chicago limo service chauffeur must represent the class in his looks. There are some basic rules which must be followed. Lets take a quick overview of the chauffeur dress code.

Tie/Bow: Tie must be worn at Chicago wedding limo and formal occasions but optional for less formal other runs. Bows can be worn with a tuxedo on weddings.
Collar: Your top button must be always done up. No exeptions.
Jacket: Suit jacked of a dark color should be worn. Unless your limo company prefers a color you should stick with black.
Shirt: Wear only collared shirts. Go with white or black color. Avoid button down collars.
Pants: Never wear casual pants. Go with suit pants that match your suit or vest.
Belt: Leather one that matches the suit.
Shoes: Clean good quality formal shoes will always be in style. Choose real leather over a leather substitute.
By following these rules you will make a great Chicago limo chauffeur!