Monday, October 22, 2012

Russia Plans to Jump Start Iconic ZIL Limousine

The Zil limousine was originally built for transporting important Soviet figures in the parades and political showings. Now, modern day Russian politicians intend to bring the iconic limo back to life. ZIL overview provided by Chicago Limo service blog.

ZIL Limousine
The Lincoln Town Car, the beloved Chicago limo service car may soon have a strong competitor. ZIL, the maker of the giant limousines for historic soviet icons, plans on reviving the manufacturing of the ZIL limos for modern day Russian leaders. The new model is called ZIL 4112-R and is approved by the Russian government.

The ambitious plans are inspired by the images of the parades for the presidents, such as Stalin, Brezhnev, Gorbachev or Andropov. Not only ZIL was specializing in limousine, it was also manufacturing all the trucks for the Red army.

The ZIL limousines were discontinued back in 2002, ending the history of the stereotypical soviet leader limo. However, the company is trying to revoke the ZIL limo with a support of modern Russia leaders. Maybe the inspiration is gained from the retro 80 craze?

ZIL 4112-R is a 6-door Limo
ZIL will have a lot of competition: there are more developed limousine models from all around the world. It will be hard to keep up with the models that have been in production for years. Of course, Russian leaders will prefer only the locally manufactured ZIL over foreign imported cars. And what about other countries? Most likely Chicago limo service operators will not be exchanging Lincoln Town Car to the ZIL. Or maybe?

Real Wood Elements in the Interior
The 4112-R model combines the exterior of the Cold-War era ZIL limousines with improved mechanics and more interior features. The car offers 400 horsepower with maximum speed of 120mph. The weight of this beauty is 7,700 pounds and it seats 6 passengers comfortably: 4 passengers in the back in the two rows of face-to-face features as well as two in the front: a chauffeur and a bodyguard. The passengers in the rear can enjoy a fully luxurious limo ride: leather seats, real wood tray tables,  vents and lighting. There is also a mini bar with a built in champagne coolers and privacy curtains.

A Convertible Version of the ZIL limousine
The Zil manufacturer claims the limo has its distinct purpose - it will be used exclusively as the Russian government fleet - just like here in Chicago the government cruises around in Cadillac limousines. It could be a good sign for the country to finally put their signature on the vehicle industry and make the manufacturing local.

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