Wednesday, May 1, 2013

LA Airport Limo Driver Gets a Surprise Celebrity Passenger as Confused Anne Hathaway Gets into the Wrong Limousine

Travel is no easy job, especially when there is jet lag or when the flight is extremely long. Even the toughest travelers can get a little bit confused as they exit Nations biggest airports. Just think about Chicago O’Hare, Los Angeles International Airport or Hartsfield Jackson Atlanta International Airport! These are the busiest and most confusing airports in US! No wonder dozens of tourists and flyers get lost inside these airports. Oscar winning actress Anne Hathaway is no exception.

The actress got lost inside LA airport on Sunday trying to find her way out. Upon exiting the Arrivals section, Anne jumped inside another person’s limousine. The driver must have been very surprised when he saw a world known celebrity in his limousine! The driver almost took her for his own client and almost took her to the wrong destination.

The 31-year old Anne had little to no luggage: she was carrying a large messenger bag and some takeout food with a cell phone in her other hand. Hathaway looked excited about her arrival to LA as she was exiting the airport. Devil wears Prada star kept good attitude throughout the whole occurrence, and quickly grabbed her belongings as she walked to find her true driver. The incident was minor, however the crowd and paparazzi managed to capture it.

Anne is currently working on landing her next big role. She is flying from west coast to the east coast and Chicago several times a month. Currently, she is thinking of turning into Broadway, to take a little break from Hollywood. There are even some gossips that she might be playing a role are a musical revival of a Cabaret, but her managerial camp declined these rumors to be incorrect.

However, it is in her best interest to land a role that requires singing since she received extensive vocal training when preparing for her Fantine role in Les Miserables. In any case, it was a pleasant surprise for the SUV limo driver when Hathaway jumped into his chauffeured limousine and got ready to speed off.

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